Hi, I'm Imani

Right now I'm doing the bachelor Creative Media and Game Technologies in the Netherlands. I'm looking for an internship between September 2018 and February 2019, preferably abroad, so I can experience something new.

As a creative full-stack developer I get involved in a project right from the start. Concepting, researching and communicating with clients is part of what I do.

In the 1,5 year that I've been developing, I've discovered that I love things that work. It's probably the main reason why the back-end caught my attention first. I've developed more interests along the way and started playing around with three.js, Arduino & Raspberry Pi. To keep it short, I believe that 3D and hardware can give someone an experience that can take over the imagination. Hopefully, there is a place where I can keep experimenting with these technologies or learn something else that will blow my mind.

Do you have a spot left for an eager student? Contact me by hitting that envelope below!